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TTO NIMH CZ currently offers the following technologies for future use. If you are interested in any of the technologies, do not hesitate to contact an expert TTO NIMH CZ, which is listed on the technology product sheets. We will contact you in the near future and together we will go through the possibilities of cooperation in the implementation of this technology into practice. Up-to-date overview of technologies developed in NIMH CZ for licensing, financing the next phase of development and commercialization can be found on the Technology page.
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Multipurpose device for event synchronization for EEG research and brain-computer interface applications
Synthesis of pyroglutamyl peptides with NMDAR activity
Pupillary dynamics as a clinical biomarker in schizophrenia
PRESS PLATFORM: Predictive phenomapping enabling early-stage subtyping of schizophrenia based on automatic MRI data processing
Portable Dynamic Pupilometer for Remote Diagnosis in Psychiatry (PEBDI)
Compact sensor system for measuring autonomous sensitivity control (COMSYMARSES)
BASS ASSAY: Development, testing and validation of peripheral blood test enabling subtyping of schizophrenia

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