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Overview of useful documents TTO NIMH CZ
for the protection of intellectual property, the management of technology transfer and commercialisation.

Guide to commercialization of VaV results

This document elaborates the methodology for creating a system of commercialization of research and development in research organizations

Establishment and disposal of industrial property

Metaprocess - "Establishment and handling of industrial property"

Communication strategy TTO

The communication strategy is elaborated in order to fulfill the key activity Marketing, communication and networking in commercialization TTO NIMH CZ technology transfer centre project NIMH CZ

Stories of the Central Bohemian Region – Research, Development, Innovation

Presentation NIMH CZ in the innovation ecosystem of the Czech Republic

Memorandum of cooperation

Model Memorandum of Cooperation

Framework cooperation agreement

Model framework contract for joint development

Contract for Work

Model pharmaceutical research contract

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